A professional problem solver

I am a software engineer by trade, but at my core, I am a problem solver. I love puzzles in all forms and I am constantly looking for new challenges. With a Software Engineering degree from MSOE, as well as my experience at Johnson Controls and as a software consultant, I am dedicated to finding effective solutions to complex problems.

Work I've done

GLAS by Johnson Controls

I worked on developing the user interface, defining the architecture, and implementing the cloud communications for Johnson Controls' first smart thermostat. It was built in UWP on a Windows IoT core device.

Nurse Management System for Eversana

I developed the front end of a nurse management system that allows coordinators to search for and manipulate nurse records through a variety of user friendly mechanisms, including a custom Google Maps integration. It was built from the ground up with React, Typescript, Redux, Webpack and Babel.

Open source contributions

I've done a considerable amount of open source work over the years. I have contributed to notable libraries including  Microsoft's C# Azure IoT SDK, as well as the prominent  Definitely typed repo. Additionally, I've published  CSS themes that have been   downloaded thousands of times, as well as a  React/Typescript starter kit.
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JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Java


React, Angular, Redux, Webpack, Babel, .NET, UWP


web, Node, Windows, IoT, Mac, mobile

My other interests

When not writing code, I enjoy photography, cooking, and spending time with my dog, Lola. I'm an avid Brewers fan, and love venturing into the great outdoors whenever possible.

Also, as you might have guessed from my website, I enjoy solving Rubik's cubes...quickly. I have solved cubes from a 2x2 all the way up to a 7x7, but my fastest remains the standard 3x3 cube, which I have solved in a mere 14 seconds.

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